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Women's Healthcare & Child Birth



Lead Aprons / Gloves & Accessories for X-Ray and Digital X-Ray Protection

M.A.S. Automatic Shoe Cover Systems


M.A.S. Stainless steel cages & Accessories

M.A.S. Demo and Refurbished Sale

M.A.S. Dental Cart Sale

M.A.S. Salli Sale

M.A.S. Bionet Vet Sale

M.A.S. Digital Imaging Promotion

M.A.S. Trade Up Program

M.A.S. Steri Peel Infection Control Supplies

M.A.S. Nitrile Gloves and Masks Promotion


M.A.S. Medical Supplies Inc. carries a wide variety of Dental products serving Canadian Dental Communities.  Below are some of the products that we carry.  For further information, please visit the manufacturers website or contact our Sales department.

Complete Dental Hygiene System

MyRay Wireless Digital System Intra-oral Sensor
with Bluetooth Technology


Digital intra-oral USB2 camera


High-frequency X-ray unit for digital imaging


Ergonomic Sitting

Surgical Chairs / Table Examination Chair
Chair Side Unit


Electric Motor Scaler/Polisher Combo Scaler
Hand Pieces

Contra Angle Air Motor

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